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During the first consultation you will be given plenty of time to tell me about the symptoms that bother you.
The time needed for the first consultation varies but can take up to three hours or more for an adult.
The subsequent follow-ups usually take about one hour.

Prescription of the homeopathic remedy is based on the exact nature of the disease symptoms that you convey, hence the name or diagnosis of your condition is not sufficient to enable me to single out the correct homeopathic remedy.
Two persons with same diagnosed disease will not give account of exactly the same symptoms
– there will always be variations, which are important to note in homeopathic diagnosis and prescription.

After the consultation I have made note of all the significant symptoms, and also an assessment of your personality, disposition and disease history of your nearest relatives.
These are all important features that collectively determine the remedy which is to be prescribed.

The prescribed homeopathic remedy will serve as a trigger to your body’s self healing capacity.
Accordingly, you will experience yourself balanced and stronger as the body is able to heal symptoms by itself again and health is re-established.

In order to accomplish a successful treatment, several follow-ups are needed where I will assess the progress. The plan of treatment is individualised according to need.

It is important that the person treated always stays in close contact with the homeopath during treatment, and timings for appointments are kept.

The follow-ups usually take place approximately once a month in the early stages of treatment.

Later when the treatment works well the timings for follow-ups are less frequent.